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Classes and Workshops

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Saddlebrook Community Center
Rev RejaJoy Yoga Studio
14850 Laurel Ave, Omaha, NE 68116
[Just west of 144th & Fort St.]
Elementary School ~ Music Room

    9:30-10:45 am
    $10 Drop-In



   6:30 - 7:45 pm
    $10 Drop-In   





  • Yoga Theme -
    [Changes every month]

  • Relaxed focus - Guided Relaxation

  • Warmup - Full Body Stretch, Wind Relieving Pose,
    Pelvic Tilts, Bridge, Leg Circles, Hip Circles,
    Pilates Style Exercises, Boat Pose, Stomach twist,
    Leg Splits, Butterfly Pose, Happy Baby, Staff Pose

  • Eye, Neck and Shoulder Exercises

  • Cat-Cow Pose, Tiger, SunBird, Doggie Leg Lifts

  • Dance Routine - Full Body Movement

  • Yoga Poses: Sun Worship / Balance Pose / Standing Core /
    Backward Bending / Forward Bending / Spinal Twist /
    Shoulder Stand / Fish Pose

  • Deep Relaxation [Yoga Nidra]









I should point out that I am in love with Joy. I mean literally. We are married! LOL! My yoga experience goes back to 1998. I have had at least thirty yoga instructors and by far Joy has been the most caring, most thorough, most professional and most passionate about yoga. Not only is she an instructor but she teaches the meaning of the asana, the sanscrit name, which chakra and meridian benefits from the posture and a three ring punch handout at the end with all the tips from the class. You will have a yoga experience that you will never forget.

Click "Watch this Video on YouTube" link
Yoga Session by Rev Reja Joy Green

What You Will Need When You Practice Yoga


Experience a very gentle Yoga Session, created in an atmosphere of soft light, peaceful music and a Mindful & Loving space.


You don't need to have done YOGA before.


Wear light-weight, stretchy clothing and try to leave a space of at least an hour since you had your last light meal.

Bring your yoga mat or use one provided. Pillows, blankets, blocks and bolsters will be provided.

~ Chris Green

I have been a student of Reja's for over 8 years and I highly recommend her teaching. She has over 30 years experience. She uses a unique blend of spiritual and physical yoga and I always feel calm, revived and mentally refreshed after one of her classes. Reja doesn't push students beyond their capabilities and is sensitive to those with limitations. Her warm and friendly personality is a joy to all.

~ Alice Schumaker

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