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Rev Reja Joy Green
  • RYT 200 [Registered Yoga Teacher]

  • Teacher Certification from Omaha Yoga & Bodywork Center (2011)

  • Teacher Training at Integral Yoga Institute (1976)

Rev. Reja Joy received Yoga Teacher Training at the INTEGRAL YOGA INSTITUTE, NY and taught Yoga on Nantucket Island, MA in 1976-1979

She received additional certification at OMAHA YOGA & BODYWORK CENTER in Benson, NE and, upon graduation in 2011, became a registered Yoga Teacher with YOGA ALLIANCE [RYT200]. She taught YOGA at UNITY of OMAHA for several years and is now teaching at Saddlebrook Community Center.

Rev Reja Joy Green is on the Board of  Directors and one of the Founding Members of the Course in Miracles Society [CIMS], publishers of A Course in Miracles ~ Original 1972 Edition and hosts the "Reja Joy Yoga Studio" Page on Facebook, as well as the YOGA Group.

She wrote the forward for Bette Jean Cundiff's book titled, “SACRED STEPS: A Program for Soul Progression based on Ancient Yoga and A Course in Miracles."

Rev Reja Joy is also the editor of the CIMS Blog, which showcases an excerpt from Donald James Giacobbe's book: "Christian Meditation Inspired by Yoga and 'A Course in Miracles".


Rev Reja Joy Green is an ordained minister through Community Miracles Center.

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